Extra value with stylish design: The TERRAGUIDE® edging strip.

The TERRAGUIDE® perimeter edging was designed to make accessing a TERRAGUIDE® created area simple and safe. This fits smoothly to all edges of the area and provides the perfect finishing touch and the really smart thing is that each edge strip is able to be fitted where you want it, no need for separate left or right hand parts. The natural result of which means the man hours necessary to create your area are noticeably reduced as is clean up time because TERRAGUIDE® system removal is easy and quick leaving no after damage to the terrain.

An added plus for your planning is that TERRAGUIDE® has an extra stand-out quality. It has an outdoor-proof inlay to help you really get your message across.

Having your Logo, advertising slogan or even hazard stripes set into the floor will really make an impression on your clients.


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