How does the TERRAGUIDE® system work?

TERRAGUIDE® consists of individual interlocking plates (25cm x 25cm x 2cm) with a specially formed and textured surface. The ease of connection makes them ideal for creating a safe surface tailored to your personal needs. The flexibility of the sections means they allow a stable floor space to be made even on non-level surfaces.

Easy to connect

Closed flooring area in the twinkling of an eye

Perfect for camping

Perfect for events

TERRAGUIDE® is available in a wide variation of pre-produced section sizes (e.g. 2x2 plates= 50x50cm) and ready to connect with as many or as few as you wish.  Ease of connection makes it simple for one person to assemble large areas and of course no-fuss disassembly after your event reduces labour costs.

The flexible built-in connections are invisible when the floor is laid and make a clean, uniform area reducing the risk of unsightly (and in many cases dangerous) edging.

Protection for sensitive grounds

Natural balance

More than 6,000 little holes/m² cares for air, water and light

Fair ground TERRAGUIDE®

Event floor TERRAGUIDE®

With more than 6,000 surface perforations per m² and the innovative construction of its underside the Terraguide® system ensures the terrain covered has ample light, air and water ; allowing the area you want to be created whilst at the same time protecting sensitive lawns and spreading the payload evenly.

Each individual section is produced from 100% recyclable synthetics that provide excellent stability and flexibility.

Watch the easy fitting of a TERRAGUIDE® flooring system.

It can be taken-up very easy too - checkout our video.


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